Making Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants Sydney Affordable

Dr Mark Kohout has over 18 years of experience in plastic surgery and offers wide array of tailored procedures to match your desired outcome, please select one of the following to learn more…

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Picture 27Breast Implants

Looking at increasing your breast size by having breast implants sydney surgery done? Many women would like to re-size and re-shape their breasts, and many cases an implant will be required. By offering the leading solutions in the cosmetic field, we are able to find the right surgical procedure to match you requirements, including breast revisions and more… READ MORE

Picture 28Breast Augmentation

Otherwise known as augmentation mammoplasty, this procedure is used to increase the size, alter the shape and even alter the texture of the womens breast. This could be carried out to reconstruct a breast after some serious disfiguring or it could be simply to beautify a women’s breasts. To learn more about the options available please… READ MORE

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Breast Enlargement

When researching breast enlargement, you will in effect find most information relating to breast implants and augmentation procedures. Breast enlargement sydney is the best way to find the surgeon who might accommodate a breast lift along with implants, depending on what your body shape needs. As every women is unique and needs a personal consultation.


When looking to get any type of surgery done it is vital to review the experience of the surgeon you are going to choose. Don’t assume that just because he or she is a “Doctor” that they are a qualified “Surgeon”. Plastic surgery is a specialised field and although there are many “doctors” who are making money from these procedures, many of these people are not actual surgeons.

Picture 30Dr Mark Kohout is a qualified plastic surgeon with 18 years of experience in plastic surgery. He undertook his training in 3 different continents to get a vast array of training from surgeons all over the world. He as admitted into Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in 1996, which shows he is a highly trained and qualified surgeon. He has also gone on to study microsurgical research which earned him a Master of Surgery Degree from Melbourne University.


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