Affordable vs Cheap

Dr. Mark Kohout, Plastic Surgeon. Affordable. Not cheap.

Why go to a cheap surgeon or overseas for breast surgery when we can offer you the services of a fully trained plastic surgeon (not GPs pretending to be surgeons).

Surgeons Fully trained plastic surgeon with 18 years experience in
cosmetics breast surgery
Cosmetics Surgeons with minimal training
Implants Full range of round, teardrop and Polyurethane
(Furry) implants
Limited range of only choice
Result Dr Kohout will measure you and choose the implants that
will suit your body
You get one a limited choise
Imaging Dr Kohout will use 3-D computer imaging to show you
what your predicted result looks like.
Payment Convenient payments of $2,900 up front and low regular
payments with no checks
Either a high up front cost OR credit-check with high
interest rates

Be careful about cheap surgery: How much is your health worth?

When considering breast augmentation (or any other operation), ask yourself the following questions:


Who is your surgeon going to be? Is he a fully qualified and certified plastic surgeon (member of Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons) or a cosmetic doctor with minimal or no surgery qualifications?

Dr. Kohout is a fully qualified plastic surgeon with 16 years’ experience. He is a Fellow of the College of surgeons (FRACS) and member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).


What happens if you are unhappy with your result for any reason? Will you be charged for revision operations?

Dr. Kohout offers warranty solutions at a very reasonable cost. This then allows for potential revision operations to ensure you are not out of pocket if a complication from surgery should arise.


Will your surgeon spend time with you discussing different types of implants or will you be given no choice, being forced into cheap round implants?

Dr. Kohout will discuss your options in detail and give you advice on how your choice will affect your result. He can give advice on what is going to give you the result you desire.