Breast Lift/Augmentation

Breast lift procedures are often needed for sagging and older breasts. This will lift the breast back up to former positions to give them a more youthful look.

$4900 Up Front + $129 pw*

*for 18 months

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Breast LIFT

Breast implants can be positioned in 3 main areas on your chest. Behind the grandular tissue but in front of the muscle, partially behind the muscle or completely behind the muscle and connective tissue…


This type of surgery is often done in conjunction with implants to give the complete breast a fuller and perkier look. Having well positioned breasts is what gives many women the confidence to love their own identity, and a breast lift can often be needed along with other procedures.

Benefits of breast LIFT

Most Surgeons have a particular way of doing breast augmentation and every patient gets the same operation. Dr. Kohout prides himself on his ability to listen to your preferences for both the shape and the .

He will tailor your operation to take into account your current breast shape and size, the amount of breast